Leak detection using EFVM® technology

Locate damage in a fast and non-destructive manner

An electric field is created by applying water onto the surface of the membrane and using the water as a conductive medium. The EFVM® equipment delivers a low voltage pulsating electrical charge between the non-conductive waterproofing membrane and the conductive structural deck.

A watertight membrane will isolate the potential difference, while breaches and other defects in the membrane will cause an electrical connection to occur. Our certified technicians read the directional flow of the current with a potentiometer and locate the points of entry with pinpoint accuracy.

Precise measurement results for immediate action


The EFVM® technicians then complete the test by conducting a visual inspection of all wall junctions, perimeter details, and membrane penetrations. All breaches are numbered to allow for repairs by the roofing applicators onsite and are re-tested to confirm waterproofing integrity. A report follows with photographic documentation of every breach and a detailed drawing noting the wire placement and breach locations.

Where is the procedure used?