A brief look back

A company makes history


The company is founded, and the introduction of our EFVM® standard as the first alternative to the existing leak tests and leak detection methods.


The ILD® leak detection concept is established worldwide. In 2000, the successful technology is also applied internationally by partner companies.

The original measuring technique is developed further, with the range of functions and improvements in accuracy being greatly expanded.


The newly founded ProtectSys GmbH then patented an innovative technology for detecting leaks and damaged areas within flat roof construction. An electrically conductive material is installed directly beneath the  roofing membrane (e.g. a glass fleece or a stainless steel measurement grid) being the key component factors.


To date, ILD®  has tested over 25 million square metres of waterproofing membrane, examples being, hot or cold liquid applied membrane coatings, bituminous polyester reinforced membranes and various polymeric single ply sheet materials.


International Leak Detection celebrates its 20th anniversary, operates in 19 countries, on 4 continents and is the world’s No1 in terms of flat roof security by testing over 40 million square meters, worldwide.